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A Family Owned, Second Generation Business

Founded over 50 years ago by Al Tice, Tice Associates is a second generation New Hampshire based business that offers repair and maintenance services for microscopes and balances.
Al started out selling Swift microscopes, and quickly saw the need for someone to be able to maintain microscopes as well.   He was constantly being asked by his clients to service microscopes as well and Tice Associates was born!
Swift sent Al to a seminar, which began his education into the workings of their microscopes.
From there, Al traveled New England to dozens of schools, selling and servicing microscopes of many makes and models.
His daughter, Kathy had the opportunity to travel with her dad years ago, starting to learn his business. During his last few years, when Al's health was slowly fading, Kathy became even more involved. She helped her dad with scheduling, invoicing, driving him to his jobs and working alongside of him.  She enjoyed every moment she traveled and worked along side her father.
Al Tice

In Loving Memory of Al Tice

1929 - 2009

Today Kathy is proud to carry on his company and Tice Associates lives on.
On Dec 20, 2009 Al lost his battle to cancer.  With Kathy, Al was on the road every week through Oct 2009.  True to Al's ethic and spirit he will probably forever worry about all of "his microscopes" out there.
As Kathy has traveled over the last few years servicing microscopes and balances, she has met so many wonderful clients that Al had for decades.  They always have a wonderful memory and story to share.
Al left behind the love of his life, Shirley, 5 daughters, 16 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.
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